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        Layouts & technicalities

Nick Henshilwood started hangitnow in 1997 after having worked for one of the biggest framing companies in South Africa. He has over 14 years experience in the art, picture, and mirror installation business. This vast experience has enabled him to build up a reputation with his clients from being creative, reliable, dedicated and from providing an uncompromising level of expertise and a superior service. With well over 20 000 pictures, mirrors and accessories installed hangitnow will provide you with a superior personal service. Our service includes the hanging of a single item in a private home or a 1000 picture installation in a top hotel like the Taj or Queen Victoria in Cape Town. Corporate work involves us installing white boards, displays and artworks. We work with many local and international interior designers, artists, framers and galleries in South Africa but also enjoy close relationships with private homeowners. We are commissioned by various galleries in Cape Town installing for their monthly exhibitions as well as for private clients. With all our years of experience you will be confident that your art will be positioned and installed correctly and safely.

Our Services

Originally hangitnow concentrated on only the hanging of pictures, mirrors and artworks. The need for a quality installation service has led us to now install a wide range of accessories and fittings that are commonplace in the household. Some of the more frequently installed items are: pictures, mirrors, art, frames, canvasses, objects d'art, snapper frames, panel heaters, floating shelves, clocks, blinds, curtain rods, bathroom accessories; toilet roll holders, towel rails, grip rails, soap holders, wash lines, house numbers etc.

Quality Materials - Fixings, Hooks, Drilling and Our Materials

All our attachments are made locally and all hooks and hangers can be purchased directly from us if required. Our hanging is safe, secure and does not cause excessive damage to your walls. We use cordless Makita drilling machines and drill bits and minimize dust when drilling. The use of quality Fischer plugs and screws ( stainless steel, brass and mild steel) are used to suite each environment. *Please be aware of dangerous hanging methods, the use of masonry nails for heavy items is not recommended. Any hangers we think need changing we will do at no extra cost. We also install and replace fittings and security plates on to pictures and mirrors as required.

Layout & Hanging

We will work with you to create the look and feel you want for your pictures. We can build collages and photo groupings and advise on the correct positioning and hanging requirements for all your art, pictures and mirrors.

Bathroom Accessories

Towel rails, toilet roll holders, glass shelves in showers, mirrors. We test for copper water pipes and electrical conduit and use specialized drill bits for all surfaces.

Dry Wall Hanging

Using the correct dry wall fixings we can install almost anything, safely onto a well made dry wall. We test for internal beams and where necessary will use these beams to support the heavier items.

Security Hanging

It is recommended when installing a series of artworks or a grouping to use double hangers on each item or security hangers, preventing movement of the works. We have a range of different security mechanisms to suit different artworks and situations. Security hanging is also useful in high traffic areas so that artwork cannot be bumped or knocked off the wall. Security hanging systems are usually used in hotels, restaurants, offices, galleries and museums but can be installed anywhere, to almost any artwork.

Alarm Your Art

Speak to us about this exciting system where your most valuable art can be linked to your household alarm system or a separate system. Each artwork will be connection via a remote tag and armed. If the artwork is tampered with or removed, the alarm will sound. Each artwork is specified on the system so you would know exactly which work has been activated- useful in a museum setting or large house.

Gallery Hanging System

We have sourced a top quality anodized aluminium gallery hanging system which we supply and install. This system is used for galleries, museums, expos, exhibitions and homes where art is frequently changed or in Heritage buildings to minimize damage. It also works well when hanging artwork against a mirrored wall. It is a strong and flexible hanging system which adapts quickly to changing needs. One of the systems great advantages is its speed of use which makes picture hanging simple.
Please contact us for excellent prices and installation on this system.

Picture, Art & Mirror Hanging – The Technicalities

Hangitnow has the experience to hang art ,pictures and mirrors on almost any surface. “We have the correct knowledge and equipment for drilling into concrete walls, brick and specialist finishes such as cretestone and tiled surfaces- porcelain, marble, granite. Dry Wall is one of our biggest hanging surfaces in the corporate environment and we use the best techniques to distribute weight over the area and ensure a safe, accurate and stable installation.